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   My childhood was a Christian (Baptist) one.  My family attending church faithfully, for my parents were members of the church.  I knew about Jesus Christ and God and I read the Bible.   I heard many Bible stories in Sunday School and I knew that He died on the cross, but it didn't hit me that I personally needed a savior.

   Then, on March 26th, 1990, I began telling my mother that I needed to be saved.  So she took me into her bedroom but I really don't remember much about it at all.  I thought I got saved but then began to have doubts about it.  Several times including visiting Bro. Epps from Berean Baptist Church and visiting Bro. Teater from Calvary Baptist Church I doubted but I prayed and asked for assurance and I was fine after that... or so I thought.

   On Wednesday August 13th 2008, Pastor Hastings preached a salvation message for the evening service.  By the time the message was closing, I realized that I wasn't truly saved and that I needed to get that right.  I went forward and accepted Jesus Christ as my savior.

   As a new Christian, it is a commandment from the Bible to be baptized (immersion).  So Sunday August 17th, I stepped into the water at Bible Baptist Church and Pastor Hastings scripturally immersed me completely and I fulfilled the first Biblical commandment for a child of God.

 Ana Laura

   I am truly thankful to the LORD for my salvation and am most glad to tell anyone my testimony. I didn't grow up in a Christian home. My family doesn't know the LORD and consequently never prayed or read the Bible. There is much I could write about my sinful life with very low standards, my prideful attitude and ungodly habits, however I will tell you how I came to know Him.

   In my heart, I knew that I was missing something. I felt an emptiness that could not be satisfied. On September 27th of 1999, my sister Soledad, younger brother Jerry, and I went out for dinner. That Saturday evening we stopped at the Los Fresnos Public Park, in Bayview Texas. We played in the swings and watched a man and a woman leave the park with their son. Ten minutes later or so I noticed their car drive back into the parking lot. That same woman got out of the car and walked toward us with a Bible in her hand and asked if she could talk to us. She asked us if we knew that sin separated us from God. She asked if she could read some verses to us. As she opened her Bible and I heard her talk about sin, I began to cry. I knew at that moment that all those things I felt bad about were sinful and bad. She told us about the LORD Jesus Christ and how he died for our sins and about His sacrifice at the cross. My heart sank with shame and guilt and in tears I asked the LORD to forgive me and save me. I knew it not at that moment, but my life changed completely from that moment on.

   That woman's name is Mary Anderson. She gave me her phone number that night and told me to call her any time. That entire week I could only think of her and how she knew all those verses and I wondered many things and had many questions. So I called her the following Saturday. I asked her if she remembered talking to a girl at a park a week ago (as if a Christian who leads someone to Christ could ever forget). She said she remembered me and that she would be most glad to meet me anywhere. For three months she received me in her home once a week and gave me a personal beginners discipleship study. I learned all the basics, all about heaven and hell, and God and God's Word. My heart was truly happy and absorbing everything I learned from her. I began to attend the fundamental independent baptist church she went to. Little by little the LORD was transforming me. I was convicted about many things. As time passed, my way of dressing, the music I listed to, and my heart's desires changed. I got baptized there and I've been serving the LORD ever since.

   I am truly thankful to the LORD for saving me that day. Thankful to Mary for her faithfulness and obedience to the LORD when He spoke to her about witnessing to me.

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